Classes for Nursery in Borivali West, Gorai 2. Van Service Available.

Nursery Tuition in Borivali West tut Toddlers to Primary class students.

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Briefly, We have a team of caring, loving, and student-centered staff with eight years of experience in offline home tutoring and two years of online tutoring pre-primary to Class 4 students.
Therefore, we have been taking tuition and classes from 3 to 8 years of age.
So in simple words, we tutor students for ICSE, CBSE Boards, and IB and IGCSE.

Remember, Phonics and Grammar for your Kid tutoring is available.

Kindergarten Tuition in Borivali West Location. Admissions Open Now!

So, Myself Kinjal Thakkar is running kids’ classes and a learning center in Borivali West, Mumbai 400092, India. I was born and raised in Mumbai. After my graduation, I pursued E.C.C.E. Teacher Training Course. Although teachers have done Montessori teacher training diploma courses, they still believe in learning.
Moreover, I also completed my Early Teachers Training Course in the year 2008. After which, It was fun taking tods of I.C.S.E., C.B.S.E., and I.B. Boards Schools. In the past, lastly, I did conduct private tuitions for IGCSE students as well. Of course, Tutors here are popularly known for teaching nursery tuition in Borivali west.

Meanwhile, please read Parents FAQ queries related to Preschooler’s Classes in Borivali West are answered below.

Coaching for Nursery in Borivali Fee Structure
Especially, the fees will be Disclosed after Child-Parent Interaction.
Offline registration can be done.
What is Admission Procedure?
Offline registration can be done. We have a limited batch size. Lately, during Corona, online registration is started. Currently, there are eight learners in a classroom. Immediately, once the admission is done, you can start sending him/her.
Classes Timings and Holidays
It depends on your little-ones school timings. Moreover, a child’s school grade matters the most to selecting a particular time. Recently, we had a parent-teacher interaction PTM to help you know your Baby’s progress.
In addition, if you like to know how long we have been in this teaching industry.

For seven years, we have been running this place successfully.

Last but not the least, do we guarantee their result?
Without a doubt you can see the progress of your child when you enroll him/her with us.
What Kinjal Mam thinks about her work?
Tutoring Kids is all about taking the time to master each step. In other words, mastering the art of enlightening little lives doesn’t happen in a day. Furthermore, it’s a skill that takes daily practice as well as dedication to hone your craft. It’s important not to burn yourself out, but you need to stick with it.
Since you’re such a good Mom/Dad, you’ll get pick a good Learning service.
Therefore, you can get a Mentor you like.
As a result, you should fulfil your expectation.

This Week’s Classes for Nursery Tuition in Borivali West can be mailed. Before binging, Download Real Coaching Schedule From the black button below. Then, go ahead and decide accordingly.


10am – Reading
12pm – Primary Class in Borivali
2pm – English
10am – Writing
12pm – Home Work Tutoring
2pm – English Phonics Approach


10am – EVS
12pm – Math
2pm – English
10am – Geography
12pm – History
2pm – English Classes in Gorai
10am – Science and Fun
12pm -Mental Math approach
2pm – English Class at Gorai

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Read our expectation from parents before you send them to Kinjal's studyroom.

Nothing much, but after you pick your respective toddler's from the coaching place. Thereafter, you reach home, make sure you jot down your child's assignments. During the evening, you can review your work. Because at dinner time, you’ll be able to simultaneously eat dinner and review your work. For better result, always follow below routine with your adorable one: First, they will go to school. Then, they might meet up with some friends at the park. Later, their family will meet him. Finally, they come to us for studying, happy and joyful.
Hello! Kinjal am here. Get In Touch on Whatsapp 9819 477 893/ 8082 012 033! For Child’s LKG UKG classes
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